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Our Foundation program provides mentorship to assist students get familiar with the many components of the relevant tests, as well as the vocations that go along with them. Our knowledgeable mentors help students enhance their analytical skills and talents while also cultivating a creative, scientific thinking, and competitive mind-set. As a consequence, each student becomes a strong candidate for foundation course for NEET.

The goal of this course is for students to grasp and apply basic principles in biology, physics, and chemistry. The emphasis will be on encouraging students to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-world circumstances. The NEET-Foundation program will not only assist students in better understanding what is taught in ordinary school courses, allowing them to perform well in board examinations and NEET, but it will also assist them in developing the skills that will give them an advantage over their classmates.

Our Course

GRAVITY : Two Year Classroom program for 11th studying and 10th Pass Students

Prepare for ENGG. / MEDICAL / BOARD

Duration: 2-Year Classroom Program.


FIGHTER : One Year Classroom program for For 11th studying and 11th TO 12th Moving students

Prepare for ENGG. / MEDICAL / BOARD

Duration: 2-Year Classroom Program.


LAKSHAY : One Year Classroom program for  12th Pass Students


Duration: 2-Year Classroom Program.


Best Industry Leaders

the best faculty members who are experienced enough to help students crack IIT-JEE

Doubt Clearance

Score High Institute is various competitive examinations like engineering, medical and many other exams. We have a track record of coaching about 3 years.

Learn Online at Your Own Place

We also run online classes to help students who can’t attend offline classes due to any reason

Professional Certification

We has been awarded as the ‘Best Coaching Center for students’ by the State government.

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SCOREHIGH Is The Best Coaching For IIT-JEE/NEET In Patna.

Score High Institute is one of the best Institutes for Medical, Foundation and Engineering and a well-known name in the education industry to provide valuable Edu-services to students.

  • Experienced Faculty

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Most Common Question.

Advantages of starting IIT Preparation ?

The advantages of starting IIT preparation as early as possible are manifold. For example, you will have 2 years to practice and improve your foundational concepts such as Mathematical concepts, Physics concepts and Chemistry concepts etc. Moreover, you will be able to take coaching classes from multiple students simultaneously. This will definitely increase your chances of cracking the IIT entrance exams because they are mentored by many experts available at the coaching center

Coaching helps students to go through the competitive requisites essential to pass the examination.
Imbibing More Of Good Learning Strategies : Expert teachers imbibe in aspirants the habit of self-study more and more continuously

After coaching, student is able to understand the competition and syllabi requirements for exam.
They will be able to make a strategy based on the study process. The format of the exam can be understood by the tutorial classes given by our experts